My name is Karen Scott and I am the Bucks County Area Handicap Advisor and support clubs on all matters relating to handicaps, running a competition and the Rules of Golf. I can be contacted by email at handicap_rules@bclga.org.uk or by mobile phone on 07831 823931. Please do not hesitate to contact me as my assistance and guidance can often prevent situations becoming contentious or prolonged within your club. In addition to being Bucks AHA, I am also a Regional Handicap Adviser for England Golf and have a network of experts at my disposal.
I am available to visit clubs to help and guide Competition and Handicap Committees or run seminars on the Rules of Golf or handicapping changes to your ladies. Seminars can be run at any time during the day or in the evening, if preferred.

I will update this page periodically with the most recent information on Handicapping and Rules of Golf. 

Top 20 Must Know Rules of Golf for 2019 booklet

4BBB single tee calculatorThis is a very basic version of the CONGU calculator and is very easy to use.  Simply enter the slope of the course and the handicap index of 4 players and the stroke allowances will be calculated.  It will also calculate 95% of the course handicap for single stroke play competition. 
For multi tee competitions use the CONGU calculator.  
CONGU calculator (Version 1.10).Use this to work out the stroke allowances for every format of play including Greensomes and Foursomes over multiple tees.
Both of these calculators use Excel so can be downloaded to a mobile phone that has Microsoft Office for mobiles loaded.

Is it Fair?A high level document explaining why 95% of Course Handicap is an equitable for finding the winner in single stroke play competitions.
Guidance on the WHS Rules of Handicapping as Applied within GB&I (as of 30/5/21)This document explains how WHS is implemented within England the the other CONGU(R) nations.  It is updated regularly and can be found on the CONGU website 
2019 Rules of Golf - Effect on WHS Handicapping Guide for CommitteesThis document will guide Club Committees in running their competitions.
No Score Card - Policy This document provides a template for clubs to use to design their own policy regarding what to do when a player fails to return a score after registering their intent or entering a club competition.
Guidance for players with DementiaAcceptable Scores for Handicap Purposes
Exceptional Scoring Reduction 
Penalty Scores
Winter Golf Checklist
Handicaps and Score Cards
WHS Platform Guide (with videos)
Scoring Flowchart

2021 Handicap Review Document
2021 Handicap Review Document

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