Singles knockout competition for those with a handicap of less than 21

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Results 2018

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The 2018 Challenge Cup Winner - Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)

N.B.   *  denotes home venue of match           [J] indicates Junior

First Round: Play by 13th MaySecond Round:Play by 24th JuneThird Round:Play by 5th AugustSemi Final:Play by 9th SeptFinal:
* Julie Blake (Harewood Downs)* Julie Blake (Harewood Downs)
Julie Blake (Harewood Downs)
Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)

Lynn Fitzpatrick (Burnham Beeches)
* Jackie Edwards
(The Lambourne)
Jackie Edwards (The Lambourne)
Maggie Way (Huntswood)
* Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park)Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park)
* Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
Helen Audaer (Harewood Downs)
* Kathy Fraser (Harewood Downs)* Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
* Dot Kelleher (Denham)Dot Kelleher (Denham)
* Dot Kelleher (Denham)
* Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Lois Shoosmith (Ellesborough)
* Anne Terry (Magnolia Park)* Tracy Searson (Harewood Downs)
Tracy Searson (Harewood Downs)
* Christine Bishop (Stowe)Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Liz Clegg (Harleyford)
* Lisa Holloway (Harleyford)* Jenny Wynd (Magnolia Park)
Jenny Wynd (Magnolia Park)

* Amelia Curtis (J) (Stoke Park)Mary Hipperson (Ellesborough)
* Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)

Mary Hipperson (Ellesborough)
* Jessica Pilgrim (J) (Stoke Park)* Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
* Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)* Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)
Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)
Nerys McGuinness (Harleyford)
* Janet Pusey (Ellesborough)Janet Pusey (Ellesborough)
Sue Beresford (Harewood Downs)

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