Challenge Cup

Singles knockout competition for those with a handicap of less than 21

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2019 Winner: Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)
Runner Up: Christine Bishop

In gusty conditions, the Challenge Cup KO Final was played at Harleyford GC on 28 September 2019. The finalists were Gilly Brewer from Harewood Downs GC and Christine Bishop from Stowe GC; both played off the same handicap. The tight match was refereed by Liz Perrottet from Hertfordshire and finished with Gilly Brewer, the 2018 Champion, winning once again, 2 & 1. The prizes and Cup were presented by the BCLGA County Captain, Gail Sharp.

Thanks go to the staff of Harleyford GC for hosting the Competition and their generous hospitality.

Jackie Maher
BCLGA Knock Out Competitions Organiser

N.B.   *  denotes home venue of match           [J] indicates Junior

First Round: Play by 13th MaySecond Round:Play by 24th JuneThird Round:Play by 5th AugustSemi Final:Play by 9th SeptFinal:
* Julie Blake (Harewood Downs)* Julie Blake (Harewood Downs)
Julie Blake (Harewood Downs)
Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)
Lynn Fitzpatrick (Burnham Beeches)
* Jackie Edwards
(The Lambourne)
Jackie Edwards (The Lambourne)
Maggie Way (Huntswood)
* Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park)Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park)
* Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
Helen Audaer (Harewood Downs)
* Kathy Fraser (Harewood Downs)* Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
* Dot Kelleher (Denham)Dot Kelleher (Denham)
* Dot Kelleher (Denham)
* Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Lois Shoosmith (Ellesborough)
* Anne Terry (Magnolia Park)* Tracy Searson (Harewood Downs)
Tracy Searson (Harewood Downs)
* Christine Bishop (Stowe)Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Christine Bishop (Stowe)
Liz Clegg (Harleyford)
* Lisa Holloway (Harleyford)* Jenny Wynd (Magnolia Park)
Jenny Wynd (Magnolia Park)

* Amelia Curtis (J) (Stoke Park)Mary Hipperson (Ellesborough)
* Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)

Mary Hipperson (Ellesborough)
* Jessica Pilgrim (J) (Stoke Park)* Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
* Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)* Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)
Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)
Nerys McGuinness (Harleyford)
* Janet Pusey (Ellesborough)Janet Pusey (Ellesborough)
Sue Beresford (Harewood Downs)

Challenge Cup 2018

Singles knockout competition for those with a handicap of less than 21

Results 2018

The 2018 Challenge Cup Winner - Gilly Brewer (Harewood Downs)

Challenge Cup 2017

The 2017 Challenge Cup Finalists - From left:- Carolyn Howell (Winner) & Lois Shoosmith (Runner up)

2017 results