Junior Captain 2020

Ciara Egan (Woburn)

Happy New Year everyone ! I’m really happy to have been chosen as your captain for this season and hope that we can make it a successful one. With GCSEs out the way and a year off exams I’m looking forward to playing golf and seeing everyone more this year at both competitions and training.
Last season we saw lots of individual and team success with lots of good results and finishes. Hopefully we can build on these achievements this year and keep having fun!
Hope everyone’s having a good off season practicing and playing, looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Past Junior Captains

1999Louise Egerton (Woburn)
2000Sarah Johnson (Lambourne)
2001Kelly Knight (Buckingham)
2002Kelly Knight (Buckingham)
2003Victoria Hamilton (Beaconsfield)
2004Clara Leathers (Ellesborough)
2005Natasha Gough (Ellesborough)
2006Nicole Whitmore (Woburn)
2007Harriet Beasley (Woburn)
2008 Victoria Collis (Beaconsfield)
2009Steph Gough (Ellesborough) & Zoe Fitz-Costa (Beaconsfield)
2010Zoe Fitz-Costa (Beaconsfield) & Emily Marler (Hazlemere)
2011 Alice Richards (Beaconsfield)
2012 Evie Ing (Ellesborough)
2013 Luan Skeates (The Buckinghamshire)
2014 Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)
2015 Shamiso Hatchard (Woburn) & Charlotte West (Harewood Downs)
2016 Megan Dennis (Woburn)
2017 Georgina Bowers (Stoke Park)
2018 Thalia Kirby (Harleyford/Stoke Park)
2019 Eleanor Barnett (Ellesborough)

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