On 16th November 2011 the merger of the English Golf Union (EGU) and the English Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) was approved at simultaneous general meetings of both organisations: the merger came into effect on 1st January 2012 and created England Golf, one national governing body to represent all amateur golfers in England.  
For more information about England Golf, and for details and reports of all the events that they organise go to their website:  www.englandgolf.org - Click Here
For administration, county golf competitions and communication to golf clubs, the women's game is divided into 6 English regions, embracing 35 English counties.

The 6 English regions are: East, Midlands North, Midlands South, North, South and South West.

Buckinghamshire is one of the six counties that form the Midlands South region. The other 5 counties in the Midlands South region are: Berkshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire & Herefordshire.

The Midlands South Region Committee & Events:
Each region must hold regular meetings each year; each county has a representative who is responsible for communicating with golf clubs and ensuring two-way communication between England Golf, their Regional Committee, County and golf clubs. The England Golf county representative for Bucks is Mrs Phillipa Cook (Woburn). Her contact details can be found on the Officers page under the Association Business tab.


Each golf club affiliated to the BCLGA appoints a Club Delegate, who will attend the quarterly Delegates' Meetings and report back to their clubs. The role of the Club Delegate is to ensure effective two way communication between England Golf, the county and the club.  Most of the correspondence between the county and the clubs will be via the Club Delegates and Lady Captains.

Dates of future Delegates meetings and minutes of past meetings can be accessed through the Business Meetings page under the Association Business tab.

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